Amazing people @ Konica Minolta


My path from apprenticeship to building European service strategies: Patrick Stucke

Patrick works in a constantly changing international environment, which supports development and collaboration between departments. This surrounding keeps him energized when building European service strategies.“I never come to work thinking that I don’t want to be here. With all the changes that ar

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80 years in Konica Minolta!

You might be asking yourself, if it is possible to work 80 years in a company. Well, if we sum-up the 20th professional anniversary of our four colleagues : Markus Wagner, Wiebke Ostermeier, Bernd Scheibner and Joerg Libal all working for the Konica Minolta Academy, we end up with 80 years full of

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From idea to implementation – Experience shared by André Statkus

Passion, Customer-Centric and Team spirit in Konica Minolta - “if you have an idea to improve a process in the company or to create totally something new, then try it and believe in it. The time you will spend with the colleagues to bring your idea to reality is motivating and brings a great team sp

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