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Green funkcionalnosti


Green funkcionalnost

Duplex printing & copying

Almost all Konica Minolta devices support duplex printing and copying, most of them at full rated speed, saving time, paper and money by printing/copying on both sides of a sheet.

Example: The copy/print volume is 250 pages per week.

Duplex printing and copying can help save up to 6,500 sheets per year.

That corresponds to 13 reams of paper of 500 sheets each.

N-up printing & copying

The feature offers the possibility of combining several pages of a document on a single sheet of paper. If used for draft documents and archiving, this clever feature can help save toner and paper and with that save resources.
If in addition to duplex printing also two pages are printed or copied onto each front and back of one A4 sheet, paper consumption can be further reduced. This brings savings of 9,500 sheets per year

Re-use of one-sided prints

Today, many documents are printed for instant and one-time use, for example e-mail information, web pages etc. Most of these are printed single-sided and usually on just one page. As most Konica Minolta devices have the capability of duplex printing, they can also process used media and print on the blank side of the page. To prevent used paper from being accidentally chosen for official purposes, one of the paper trays of the printer can be set exclusively for single-sided printing. The re-use of paper helps save considerable resources in everyday business.

Combining print and copy jobs

Small print and copy jobs cause frequent reheating cycles that are in direct conflict with maximum energy efficiency. It is therefore advantageous to collect print and copy jobs in the personal user box. When convenient, the stored jobs can be easily printed all at once. Another advantage is that all stored data is already preprocessed, preventing long idle times and permanent reheating between the print jobs.

Proof & Print

Users can produce a single test page or set before printing or copying the whole job. A most efficient feature to avoid wasting paper and toner. Saves paper, time and money.

Skip blank pages

Documents often contain blank pages, for example to fill up booklets or to ensure that chapters in a book begin on a right-hand page. To prevent blank pages from being printed and wasting paper, the print controller can be set to delete blank pages from the document automatically.

Overlay function

Konica Minolta products offer letterhead printing based on stored overlay files. These files contain the complete corporate information and can be printed automatically on selected pages. If changes occur, the stored file is quickly and easily updated, avoiding large quantities of preprinted company stationery going to waste.

My Tab

The My Tab feature available on most newer office models adds extra operation ease, letting users individually combine their frequently needed features in a single setting screen. Eco-friendly settings such as duplex or n-up printing can be individually included. My Tab much facilitates operating different devices as it can be called up on any system. Virtually no operator training is necessary, and corporate environments benefit from the minimised learning curve.

Green XPS Print Preview

Konica Minolta’s XPS Print Preview function combines office efficiency and reduced TCO with eco-consciousness by reducing printing waste. Excessive printing mistakes due to improper printer driver settings are the cause of paper and toner waste. XPS Print Preview is a precise preview function that displays a true-to-life image of the material to be printed on the computer screen. Exact printing positions as well as hole punching and stapling positions can be confirmed on the screen so test prints become superfluous. A print savings meter displays the approximate ratio of saved paper. Avoid misprints, save paper – go green!

Timer and calendar function

To avoid the inadvertent shutdown of a device, Konica Minolta’s Low Power and Sleep Modes each have a timer and calendar function that facilitates activating the system on a daily or weekly basis or according to the calendar date. For example, normal business days can be defined with an automatic start and shutdown time. For Sundays or specific dates like Christmas, a total power-off mode can be selected.

FSC-certified media

Konica Minolta recommends print media certified by the FSC for all of its office systems. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification indicates that paper manufacturers adhere to responsible forest management practices. Paper qualities with the FSC certification only have a minimal environmental footprint in production but do not lack in terms of quality and reliability.