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Green istorijat


Green Istorijat

2012, April - Among the top green companies

Konica Minolta has made it to a leading position in the overall ranking of the 15th Environmental Management Survey by the Japanese news company Nikkei Publishing Inc. The imaging expert is ranked 12th of 1,744 manufacturers and leads the field in three out of five of the survey’s criteria. With this result, Konica Minolta is the highest-ranked provider of image information products.

2011, December - Konica Minolta wins prestigious environmental award in UK

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd., located in Basildon, Essex, has won the prestigious Green Apple Award in recognition of its Optimized Print Services’ (OPS) Green Audit Process.

2011, September - Konica Minolta has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index

Konica Minolta has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific) for the third consecutive year in recognition of its economic, environmental and social performance.

2011, July - Konica Minolta awarded prime status by oekom research AG

Konica Minolta has been awarded prime status by the oekom research AG, one of the global leading rating agencies in the segment of sustainable investments and sustainable ratings. oekom ranked Konica Minolta among the leaders in the industry. The oekom prime logo demonstrates Konica Minolta’s above average commitment to environmental and social issues.


2011, April - Konica Minolta Included in FTSE4Good Global Index for Eighth Consecutive Year

The FTSE4Good Global is provided by FTSE, an independent company jointly owned by The Financial Times and London Stock Exchange Group.

Corporations around the world are evaluated on criteria such as environment, social and corporate governance and only those which meet strict standards are included in the index to be supplied as selection reference for investors and SRI funds with extensive interest in CSR and sustainability performance.

2011, March - Konica Minolta MFPs Certified by Hong Kong Green Label Scheme

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd. has been certified by Hong Kong Green Label Scheme (HKGLS) for its three multi-functional peripherals bizhub C360, bizhub C280 and bizhub C220.

The Hong Kong Green Label Scheme is an environmental certification organized by the Green Council of Hong Kong. The strict criteria for certification include not only reduction of toxic materials but also important considerations to the environment throughout multiple stages of the product life cycle.

2011, March - Konica Minolta is awarded with SAM Silver Class for the Second Consecutive Year

Konica Minolta regards corporate social responsibility (CSR) as corporate management itself and aims at pursuing and creating new “values” sought by the society. For the second year in a row, the company’s group-wide efforts, including mid to long-term initiatives to reduce environmental impact and strengthening corporate governance, have received global recognition as a leading company that contributes to sustainable earth and society.

2011, February - Konica Minolta is the most sustainable company in the image information industry

Konica Minolta is the highest-ranked provider of image information products, coming 70th on this year’s independent Global 100 Corporate Sustainability Benchmark list.

Corporate Knights, the magazine for clean capitalism, has in cooperation with its partners published the annual Global 100 list since 2005. Global 100 analyses a number of companies and their activities based on environmental, social governance and financial data. The Top 100 are companies that have been selected via multiple layers of a review process from an initial approximately 3,500 candidates. So the Global 100 rating reflects Konica Minolta’s efforts to take social and environmental care – especially since it formulated its Eco Vision 2050 in January 2009.

2011, February - Sustainable plastics

Konica Minolta developed a proprietary recycled PET-based polymer alloy using a leading-edge chemical processing technology as an environmentally considerate material. The bizhub 552 and the bizhub 652 are the first devices containing the two sustainable plastics: the new polymer alloy recycled PET and plant-based bioplastic.

2011 January -bizhub 363 – BLI Outstanding Achievement in Energy Efficiency

The Konica Minolta bizhub 363 offers very low energy consumption rates in its non‐running modes, while not compromising on productivity. This is why it captured the attention of BLI’s editors and received the “Outstanding Achievement” award for energy efficiency in the A3/Ledger MFP category. This results in an estimated annual energy saving of 57% over the average of tested devices.

2010 Simitri toner with biomass celebrates its 10th anniversary

Until January 2010 a total of approximately 30,000 tons of Simitri and Simitri HD toners have been supplied worldwide, of which approximately 9% or 2,700 tons are plant-based resources which have replaced petroleum-based resources. Therefore, the amount of CO2 emitted when burning used documents will result in a reduction of approximately 8,400 tons* of CO2.

*) For petroleum-based polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) waxes, 3.127 kg of CO2 is emitted for every 1 kg burned (source: “2002 Guidelines for Calculation Method of Greenhouse Gas Emissions” by the Japan Ministry of the Environment). Therefore, 2,700 tons of plant-based resources (x 3.127) represent some 8,400 tons less emitted CO2.

2010 bizhub C452 – BLI Outstanding Achievement in Energy Efficiency

Thanks to its significantly lower than average projected annual energy consumption, the bizhub C452 receives the independent American test institute BLI’s (Buyers’ Laboratory Inc.) Outstanding Achievement award as one of the most energy-efficient models tested in 2010.

2009 December – COP15

As one of the major sponsors of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark, Konica Minolta provides the essential printing infrastructure for the delegates from 180 nations: Konica Minolta Business Solutions Denmark a/s is the cooperating sponsor of the Fifteenth Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP15).

2008 United Nations Global Compact

Konica Minolta signs the United Nations Global Compact in December 2008. The Global Compact identifies ten universal principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

2008 Improving distribution routes and systems

Konica Minolta reduces CO2 emissions from its distribution processes by proactively restructuring its logistics facilities around the world. In June 2008 two logistics centres, one in Germany for MFPs and the other in Belgium for printers, are consolidated at a new location in Emmerich, Germany, to serve all of Europe.

The Emmerich location was chosen because after arrival by vessel in Rotterdam the goods can continue their journey via inland waterways, avoiding road transport altogether. The central European location also reduces transport times and distances to our customers.


2007 bizhub C650/C550 win the Energy Conservation Grand Prize

bizhub C650/C550 win Japan’s 2007 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

2007 Induction Heating (IH) fusing technology

Konica Minolta launches the first MFP with Induction Heating (IH) fusing technology. As the first product in the industry, the bizhub C550 is equipped with this energy-efficient fusing unit. Heating the fusing unit by applying induction heating shortens the warm-up time, remarkably reducing energy consumption.

2004 Introduction of CSRC – CS Remote Care

CS Remote Care provides an interactive information exchange between customers’ devices and our service management system whenever high quality maintenance support is required. The Konica Minolta system communicates directly with the relevant Konica Minolta service centre, e.g. via email. Before an onsite visit our technicians usually already know how to solve the problem at the system – this optimises onsite visits and avoids them in many cases, thus helping to reduce the CO2 emissions of our car fleet.

2003 First digital multifunctional device certified by Germany’s “Blue Angel” environmental labelling system

In December 2003, our “DiALTA Di3510” and “DiALTA Di3510f” become the world’s first digital multifunctional devices certified by Germany’s “Blue Angel” environmental labelling system.

2002 Start of production of Simitri colour toner

Following the production of monochrome Simitri toner since the year 2000, Konica Minolta introduces polymerised toner for the “missing” colours cyan, magenta and yellow in 2002. From the start of production, all 4 toner colours contain plant-based resources to help protect the environment.

2001 Clean Planet Program

Konica Minolta creates the Konica Minolta Clean Planet recycling program as a contribution to reduce environmental impact. The program provides owners of magicolor and pagepro products with the possibility to dispose of waste toner and empty toner cartridges for free.

2000 First manufacturer to introduce polymerised toner for use in a monochrome MFP

Konica Minolta begins to manufacture its original polymerised Simitri toner in December 2000, and becomes the first supplier in the world to introduce polymerised toner for use in a monochrome MFP.  This toner is eco-friendly in its production because approximately 9% of its resources are plant-based.

1995 Konica Minolta joins the Responsible Care Initiative

The concept of Responsible Care comprises voluntary measures to ensure safety, health and environmental protection with respect to chemical substances throughout a product’s entire life cycle. Konica Minolta has been an active member of the Japan Responsible Care Council since this organisation was founded in 1995.

1992 First Blue Angel mark for copiers worldwide

Konica Minolta receives the world’s first Blue Angel certification in the field of copiers in January 1992.

1984 Implementation of organic photoconductive drums (OPC)

Konica Minolta begins using organic photoconductive drums (OPC) that are non-toxic. The organic surface is extremely light sensitive, non-toxic and consequently not harmful to the human health. Contrary to OPC conductors, selenium and its compounds have toxic properties.

1980 Launch of the first Konica Minolta copier with toner recycling system

Konica Minolta launches the EP-310 as the first copier equipped with a toner recycling system, which collects, recycles and reuses the toner that is not fused to the paper during the printing process.