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Giving Shape to Ideas

Green OPS


Green OPS

Sustainability as a key goal

  • Sustainability and the protection of the environment are core challenges and an essential part of Konica Minolta’s management philosophy “The Creation of New Value”.
  • A multitude of milestones in Konica Minolta’s company history demonstrates how sustainability has always been a subject of our minds and hearts.
  • We also face the future: Konica Minolta’s Eco Vision 2050 presents a long-term environmental vision to achieve our future objectives and fulfil our responsibility as a global corporation
  • Our efforts and achievements gain recognition and respect - in 2011, Konica Minolta was awarded as the most sustainable company in the image information industry, coming 70th on the independent Global 100 Corporate Sustainability Benchmark list.

The green OPS concept

Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services (OPS) follow the strategy of sustainability. That means Konica Minolta does not only improve the efficiency of the printing and copying environment but also reduces its environmental impact. The green OPS concept includes three phases:

  • Consult: Konica Minolta’s experts analyse and evaluate the current situation.
  • Implement: Our consultants suggest and install sustainable and energy efficient systems.
  • Manage: Konica Minolta supports the company in operating the hardware in an environmentally friendly way.

Konica Minolta always strives to be an understanding partner for its customers. Therefore we offer technologies and services with a focus on sustainable, efficient working environments.


The green OPS concept starts with an extensive analysis of the current situation. It integrates environmental targets into the optimisation proposal and calculates the power consumption of the actual fleet, based on available data, evaluating savings and environmental gains.

From this data, Konica Minolta understands the baseline TCO (total costs of ownership) and carbon footprint, including energy consumption, paper consumption and total CO2 emissions.


Based on the OPS optimisation proposal, a tailored fleet will be implemented at customer-side. Konica Minolta printers, MFPs and software offer eco-friendly features to protect the environment.

For Konica Minolta the whole product life cycle is in focus in order to minimise the environmental footprint of the products.

Examples in this field are

  • energy-saving product-design
  • compact and lightweight construction
  • improvement of distribution routes and systems to reduce CO2 emissions
  • software and applications that provide various saving opportunities

With the implementation of Konica Minolta devices, our customers benefits from many green technologies such as Simitri HD Toner with biomass, low Energy Star TEC value or induction heating (IH) fusing technology.


After the implementation phase our customers are not left alone - the goal of the green OPS concept is to guarantee a trouble-free infrastructure and to adapt it constantly to the customer’s requirements. The issue of how the implemented hardware is utilised during the average day at the office is an essential factor - Konica Minolta’s systems have many green functionality such as:

  • Duplex printing and copying
  • N-up printing and copying
  • Proof & Print
  • My Tab
  • XPS Print preview

In the process of OPS, Konica Minolta offers customised trainings held by experts who present and explain green setting options for the new devices. Our innovations depend on future-oriented research and development as well as on permanent improvements.

A good example for our future technologies is the sustainable plastic component in our latest devices.