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Osnovne karakteristike

  • Brzine A4/A3: 55/27 str/min crno & bijelo
  • Formati papira A6-SRA3, prilagođeni formati i baner format dužine do 1.2 metra
  • Top performanse sa novodizajniranim dual sken automatskim uvlakačem originala brzine 240-orig/min kapaciteta 300 listova
  • 9-inčni kolor touch panel, savršen za današnji stil rada: namjensko mobile touch područje i multi-touch podrška za dodatnu udobnost i fleksibilnost u radu
  • Najveća sigurnost podataka sa različitimfunkcionalnostima zaštite koje smanjuju rizik oticanja podataka i zaštite povjerljivih informacija

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Kreiranje efikasne ispisne infrastrukture

Konica Minoltina Optimizirana Ispisna Rješenja (OPS) kombinuju konsultacije, hardware, software, implementaciju i radni menadžment u cilju ukupnog smanjenja troškova.

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Matrix tehnologija
Easily compatible to users and IT environments thanks to Konica Minolta unified print technology Emperon™ Controller

Emperon™ Controller

Konica Minolta’s proprietary Emperon™ print controller technology provides seamless integration and compatibility with most popular printing environments and operating systems. It offers versatile and powerful printing features to improve user productivity. The system delivers professional print output quality combined with ease of use.

Pays off to budget and green footprint by high quality and low environmental impact Simitri® HD Toner

Simitri® HD Toner

Konica Minolta’s proprietary Simitri® HD (High Definition) polymerised toner stands for outstanding image quality. It is also very eco-friendly, since it enables a lower fusing temperature and therefore reduces energy consumption. Thanks to its characteristics, Simitri supports a broader range of media and achieves more resistant output of higher durability.

Improved user-device interaction and productivity by full MFP panel customisation to your needs IWS Internal Web Service

IWS Internal Web Service

IWS (internal web service) is a Konica Minolta proprietary MFP embedded solution platform. It establishes a new level of panel customisation allowing to fully reconfigure the MFP control panel to the wishes and needs of users. In addition, IWS enables smart applications to run device-embedded, connecting for example scan connectors to SharePoint or Google.

Enable efficient workflows throughout your MFP fleet by server-based applications OpenAPI Technology

OpenAPI Technology

OpenAPI stands for the Konica Minolta open programming interface. It links the MFP to software applications hosted on an external server granting access through the MFP panel. OpenAPI for example allows creating custom scan workflows for automated document indexing or accessing management applications for follow-me-printing and authentication/accounting.

Increase the scope of MFP functionality from basic to advanced depending on your needs i-Option Technology

i-Option Technology

The Konica Minolta i-Option technology improves the productivity and usability of the MFP, offering for example OCR text searches for documents, native Barcode and Unicode font printing, or improving PDF document security with encryption. Individual i-Options can be activated by license key.

Keep productivity up by online device and consumable monitoring of the Konica Minolta service CS Remote Care

CS Remote Care

CS Remote Care provides an interactive information exchange between MFPs and service management systems wherever high quality maintenance support is required. The remote connection relays all relevant system data in real time, advising the Konica Minolta service early on of routine maintenance or any other required intervention. It also ensures automated consumables delivery.